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I love cats because I love my home

and after a while they become its visible soul. 
~Jean Cocteau

Welcome on website

Cattery Siberian Cats

Marcowe Migdaly*PL



We have siberian kittens


Litter G

03.09.2014 - we have 6 kittens. They are 2 weeks old.

24.03.2014 - our siberian kittens are 2 weeks old

15.05.2013 - We have kittens :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

21.10.2012 - our litter B are 7 weeks old.
All kittens reserved.
We expect litter C by the end of October ;-))

21.06.2012 - Litter A - 3,5 weeks old

15.06.2012 - We are 1 month old. We are beautyful kittens.

27.05.2012 - we are 2 weeks old.

13.05.2012 - We have siberian kittens!
Parents: IC Nutella Marcowe Migdaly*PL & Nefryt Siviassib*PL.

08.01.2011 - I got new Opuncja's photos today. My little girl is beautiful!
Here is her gallery.
The author of photographs: LUNAFILM

03-04.12.2011 Show MFA in Moscow
Solna Marcowe Migdaly*PL 7,5 months old
(live in cattery Barselit*RU)
was Nominated to Best in Show for 2 days!
My girl is beautyful and sweet :-))

foto: Barselit*RU

03.12.2011 - Show in Warsaw
IC Oregano Marcowe Migdaly*PL
(live in catteries Błękitny Anioł*PL and Kropla Nieba*PL)
Ex 1, BIV, NOM BIS, NOM Specjal Show NEM

12.11.2011 - Robinia Marcowe Migdały*PL in the Show Wien Austria won

BIS Female Adults!!!


25.09.2011 - Robinia Marcowe Migdały*PL in the Show Tulln Austria won

BIS Female Adults!!!

Uschi, congratulations!!! I'm very proud!

The World Cat show is a unique and absolutely outstanding felinological event, organized annually by one of the  Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) members. This year the honour will be ours - it is "Felis Polonia" (FPL) who will be the host of the biggest festival in the cat world.

The World Show will take place on 29 and 30 October 2011, at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (Poznań International Fair).

The World Cat Shows organized by FIFe members have always been the biggest and most prestigious event of the felinological world. They usually gather around 1,500 cats, coming from all corners of the world. We hope that thanks to a perfect location of Poznań, situated nearly in the heart of Europe, as well as to its fantastic infrastructure of a fair city, very good road and air connection with all parts of our globe, beautiful and modern pavilions of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, and first of all to the well-known Polish perfectionism in organizing cat shows, this year the World Show will be the biggest event in the felinological world ever.

The Board of Polish Felinological Federation "Felis Polonia" is honoured to invite breeders, exhibitors, sponsors, media and the audiences to this exceptional festival of all animal lovers - to The World Cat Show!

FIFe World Cat Show 2011

Our results:

Sierra Marcowe Migdaly*PL - Ex 1

Ofelia Manchzhury*PL - Ex 1

21.10.2011 - new kitten's photos  ;-))

27.08.2011 - we have 4 kittens - litter T.
Mother Olivka and babies feel great ;-))
More information soon...

22.08.2011  - we have new Rubinola's photos.
Satu, thank you for wonderful photos!
More here...

17.05.2011 - our kitttens are growing nicely!

21.04.2011- kittens were born ;-))


IC Skarabej Iz Skarabej*PL  &  IC Empatia Ekwiwal*PL

26.02.2011 - International Cat's Show FIFe Mysłowice
Oregano Marcowe Migdały*PL - BIV,
BIS Specjal Show NEM (6-10 months)
Olivka Marcowe Migdały*PL - BIV,
NOM BIS (6-10 months)
27.02.2011 - International Cat's Show FIFe Mysłowice
Penny Marcowe Migdały*PL - NOM BIS (6-10 months)